Steps to obtain your FWID

Following the steps outlined will assist you in obtaining your FWID and begin the journey to hunting!

  • Study and pass the B.C. Wildlife Federation online CORE Course.

  • Ensure you're familiar with firearms and the safe handling of them. If you're not familiar, we recommend taking the CFSC or in-person CORE Hunter Education Course.

  • Know how to use the Hunting & Trapping Regulations Synopsis.

  • Contact a certified CORE Examiner and set up your examinations.

  • Complete and pass your written and practical CORE Exams.

  • Get your FWID at Front Counter BC, Service BC, or Online.

  • Now you are all set to enter for Limited Entry Hunting or to purchase a hunting licence.


Purchase Full Online Course

Online course access expires after 1 year (365 days).