CORE Hunter Education Course

47 Lessons | $98 + GST

Welcome to the B.C. Wildlife Federation online CORE training course! The cost of the course includes the mandatory $30 CORE graduation certificate required to obtain your B.C. Fish and Wildlife ID (FWID). Please note: your in person CORE exam fee is not included.

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Start your free demo of the CORE Hunter Education Course which includes 12 Lessons of free content.

Steps to obtain your Fish & Wildlife ID (FWID)

Following these steps will assist you in obtaining your FWID and begin the journey to hunting!

  • Study and pass the B.C. Wildlife Federation online CORE Course.

  • Ensure you're familiar with firearms and the safe handling of them. If you're not familiar, we recommend taking the CFSC or in-person CORE Hunter Education Course.

  • Know how to use the Hunting & Trapping Regulations Synopsis.

  • Contact a certified CORE Examiner and set up your examinations.

  • Complete and pass your written and practical CORE Exams.

  • Send your certified record of examination (white copy registration form) to the B.C. Wildlife Federation for the B.C. Wildlife Federation issuance of a CORE Graduation Certificate.

  • Provide your CORE Graduation Certificate to Front Counter BC, Service BC, or Online to obtain your FWID.

  • Now you are all set to enter for Limited Entry Hunting or to purchase a hunting licence.


  • After I purchase the Online CORE course can I go back anytime?

    You can access the online course anytime you wish, for up to 1 year (365 days) after the initial date of purchase. After the 1 year you will no longer have access to the online course and will need to re-purchase.

  • How old do you have to be to get your FWID?

    Minimum age requirement to obtain your Fish & Wildlife ID (FWID) is 10 years old.

  • Can I get my hunting licence by completing this course?

    No. In addition to completing training, you are also required to complete a written and practical examination with a certified CORE Examiner.

  • How do I find a CORE Examiner to complete my exams?

    A list of certified CORE examiners can be found by visiting B.C. Wildlife Federation website at

  • How much are the CORE exams?

    Not including the cost of the CORE online program, the tests are up to $60 (plus applicable taxes). This includes a $30 fee for the written, and another $30 fee for the practical.

  • Can I be exempted from the practical exam since I have a PAL?

    No. If you have already taken the CFSC you can be exempted from the practical examination of the CORE, but must be able to supply your CFSC Course Report as proof. A valid PAL (gun license) is NOT accepted as proof for exemption for the practical test as per BC Government.

  • Once I have my FWID can I go hunting?

    Once you have your FWID you'll be on your merry way to entering in to Limited Entry Hunting as well as purchasing hunting tags!

  • Can I get a refund on my online CORE course purchase?

    No, all orders placed with CORE TMR for the online CORE course are non-refundable, which means all sales are final. Payments are due at time of order, taxes are extra.


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